HL – High Tonnage Air Service Jacks


  • From 60 to 150 Tn.
  • Used for mining and other heavy duty vehicle maintenance applications.
  • Models with one stage and telescopic with two and three stages.
  • Operated by an air/hydraulic pump. Air pressure required: 8 to12 bar.
  • Air inlet port: 1/2″ BSP.
  • Dual descent valve for greater control.
  • Fitted with self sealing pneumatic tyres for easy maneuverability.
  • Special hooks for transport.
  • Ram return is automatic. Constant and controlled speed under load, can be increased without load.
  • Check valves guarantee load holding, even if an air or oil pipe is accidentally broken.
  • Equipped with an over-pressure safety valve as protection against overloading.
  • Three-position handle can be lowered to place the jack under the load.
  • Easy to operate, with the control located on the end of handle.
  • Wide range of optional accessories: Remote pendant, manual emergency pump, safety load blocks, safety block holder, safety blocks kit, extensions and extension holder. (See below)

HL Datasheet


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Capacity Stroke Model Closed Height Extended Height Handle Height Length Width Weight
Tn mm Abdex Hydraulics mm mm mm mm mm kg
30/60 110+117 HL06022 220 447 1,385 940 460 93
50/80 196+222 HL08042 420 838 1,440 1,039 540 161
25/50/80 167+171+180 HL08052 341 859 1,440 1,040 540 143
100 445 HL10044 725 1.170 1,720 1,180 610 290
150 554 HL15055 900 1.454 1,720 1,250 620 385



Model Remote Pendant Manual Pump Safety Blocks
Abdex Hydraulics Abdex Hydraulics Abdex Hydraulics 50mm M/F 100mm M/F 100mm F/F Holder Kit*
HL08042 HLR HLH HLB05017M HLB10017M HLB10017F HLC100 HLS100
HL08052 HLR HLH HLB05017M HLB10017M HLB10017F HLC100 HLS100
HL10044 HLR HLH HLB05017M HLB10017M HLB10017F HLC100 HLS100
HL15055 HLR HLH HLB05021M HLB10021M HLB10021F HLC150 HLS150

* Safety Block Kit HLS100: HLB05017M + 3xHLB10017F + HLC100

* Safety Block Kit HLS150: HLB05021M + 4xHLB10021F + HLC150

Model Extension Holder Extensions
Abdex Hydraulics Right Left 10 mm 70 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm
HL06022 HLE06001 HLE06007 HLE06012
HL08042 HLT080R HLT080L HLE08015 HLE08025 HLE08030
HL08052 HLT080R HLT080L HLE08015 HLE08025 HLE08030
HL10044 HLT150R HLT150L HLE15020 HLE15025 HLE15030
HL15055 HLT150R HLT150L HLE15020 HLE15025 HLE15030