AZ3 – Hydraulic Couplers



  • Low flow and high flow couplers, from 6 to 40 litres/min.
  • 700 and 1,000 bar couplers have 3/8″ NPT theread. 1,500 bar couplers have 1/4″-BSP thread.
  • Male and Female couplers can be supplied separately.
  • AZ3120, AZ3140 and AZ3141: standard high flow couplers.
  • AZ3220 and AZ3240: low flow couplers, only used in maintenance units.
  • All standard cylinders are supplied with AZ3140 female coupler.
  • All cutters are supplied with AZ3321 male ball coupler.
  • AZ3321, AZ3322, AZ3324, AZ3325, AZ3341, AZ3344 and AZ3345: ball quick couplers, to guarantee easy and quick connection. Maximum working pressure 1,000 and 1,500 bar.
  • AZ3321, AZ3322, AZ3324 and AZ3325 male couplers are connectable with AZ3341, AZ3344 and AZ3345 female couplers.
  • Plastic dust cup AZ3103 available to suit AZ3120, AZ3140 and AZ3141 couplers.
  • Steel dust cup available. AZ3124 for AZ3120 male coupler and AZ3144 for AZ3140 female coupler.


AZ3 Datasheet




Flow Coupling Model Thread Pressure
l/min Abdex Hydraulics bar
40 Male AZ3120 Female 3/8″-NPT 700
Female AZ3140 Male 3/8″-NPT 700
Female AZ3141 Female 3/8″-NPT 700
7 Male AZ3220 Female 3/8″-NPT 700
Female AZ3240 Male 3/8″-NPT 700
6 Male AZ3321 Male 3/8″-NPT 1,000
Male AZ3325 Female 3/8″-NPT 1,000
Male AZ3325S Female 3/8″-NPT 1,000
Female AZ3341 Female 3/8″-NPT 1,000
Female AZ3345 Male 3/8″-NPT 1,000
6 Male AZ3322 Male 1/4″-BSP 1,500
Male AZ3324 Female 1/4″-BSP 1,500
Female AZ3344 Female 1/4″-BSP 1,500


AZ3325S reference has a safety special valve that close automatically in the event of a hose broken or when the flow is over 13 l/min.